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Ultimate Warrior Martial Science Training SOP's

51 years strong, non-stop hard core Martial training - never missed a day, taught by the best in the world, I have some insights for those who are serious about genuine Martial Science training.

Training.... you want productive and optimal. I have the ultimate SOP formula cultivated collectively worldwide by real warriors for over 2500 years.

Most know SOP as meaning Standard Operating Procedure. My version is Standard Optimizing Procedure. This has become the universal training standard for Sogo Warriors.

When you train, you don’t want to waste time. You want to train productively and that means optimally. Optimal productive training is based on;...

See the rest in the MSI document.... Could be one of the best I have written in 51 years. It is certainly the most valuable information I can give on training.

This is the highest level information on training anyone can get access to. Most would do anything to get this information. MSI Tier One members can find the detailed document HER…

Watch it unfold.

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A Martial Life - Training 00001

A martial-ist trains daily. Training includes several elements that are not just physical drills. Before any physical training I prep for my training internally with proper nutrition. I cannot stress how important this is. Optimal nutrition = optimal mental and physical training. Without proper nutrition you will never achieve optimal training results.


I start my martial day with a perfect routine.

Do not eat when you first get up.Start by alkalizing your body.Squeeze the juice of half an organic lemon into a tall glass filled with the most pure room temperature water available.Eat about an hour after that. You want optimal - I recommend juicing. If not, pick your toxins...Try to train around two hours after you get up.Physical Training
Warm ups, exercises, calisthenics are not productive. Just start.
Always start with Ibuki. Oxygenate your body first.

Always start with weaponry.

A Martial Life

I live a martial life. That simply means that all things martial are at the core of all that I am.

Martial training and strategy are a primary focus for me. I am a martial-ist (NOT a martial "artist") 24/7 not just occasionally.

Outwardly, I am pretty much the same as everyone else. I have the same interests and needs. Internally, I am a martial extremist. I have a martially based dominant theme underlying everything I do.

Funny thing is, at first glance or if you came to my residence, you might never know.
My martial-ness is displayed in who I am and what I know, not what I have or how I look.

I have achieved much more than most in life and in martial studies due to living a martial life.

My secret? I apply martially related aspects to every aspect of daily life and vice-versa.

Anyone can lead a martial life. Simply make martial-ism more than a casual endeavor. For me it is the governing priority.

Tips for living a martial life
Train dailyNot in one "style" but in …

Reflections - One Year Michigan Mark



There is much conjecture out there about what martial training is all about. Here is my 48 years of experience take on it - GRATITUDE. Think broad spectrum. Gratitude is a hallmark of a great warrior. No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.

There is an old mistranslated (by the "arts" martial groups) saying that goes - "All things martial begin and end with courtesy." The original statement uses the term gratitude, not courtesy. Many Asian based martial students misconstrue the meaning of bowing. It is not a gesture of respect, rather a display of gratitude. That is the meaning of the term Rei - to bow 礼 【れい】= gratitude. Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy, respect, and appreciation. Observance of this custom demonstrates trait one of the ultimate warrior (few know what that truly is).

Gratitude to gratitude always gives birth. Bet you would like to know …

The Knowledge Curse...

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, how consequential is knowing too much about a topic?

Knowing too much (or thinking you do) can be confounding, particularly when you are trying to write for a blog like this.

The problem for those with a little or too much knowledge is that they don't think basic enough.

accurately intuiting how they